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Cake She HIts Different Apple Tartz

Cake She HIts Different Apple Tartz is part of the 5th generation flavors  released in the late 2022. Created by Clearwater Genetics, Apple Tartz is a hybrid of the beloved RUNTZ strain and another Northern California strain, Apple Fritter.

Cake She Hits Different Georgia Pie

Cake She Hits Different Georgia Pie is amongst the newly released 5th generation flavors that was released in late 2022.  A powerful hybrid marijuana strain named Georgia Pie was created by Seed Junkie Genetics. This strain is renowned for having a mouthwatering aroma and flavor that are identical to freshly baked peach cobbler. Smoking Georgia Pie can give you a powerful head and body high. Georgia Pie is best saved for people with a high THC tolerance due to its strength. Patients who use medical marijuana favor this variety because it can lessen the symptoms of ongoing pain. Georgia Pie nugs have dense, purple, orange, and green-tinted trichomes with clusters of eye-catching orange hairs.